On No Man’s Sky

So, I put some of my thoughts in order and posted it to MyMBuzz:


Truth is, I don’t completely hate No Man’s Sky. It is a bad game by design: far too concerned with Random Number Generation than gameplay, and instead of creating an emergent universe where you can make your own stories and adventures, it’s very much a plodding single-minded scrap for meaningless motion.

Yet there is something absorbing about the discovery. It falls apart quickly, sure, but you never stop hoping to find something new. The real problem here is the greed of Sony, who snapped it up and slapped a far higher price on an experiment. It’s too lightweight a concept and, frankly, does nothing to justify such a high price – indie games set their own prices because they understand the value of their works and craft: No Man’s Sky has so little crafted, bespoke content, you’re effectively paying full price for little more than a basic game and an RNG equation.

Anyone could rant and rave about ‘lies’ and what was and wasn’t promised by Sean Murray and Hello Games: that isn’t the point. Death threats and shouting don’t fix things, but as many games like Destiny have proved, Publisher interference is usually to blame for cut content but developers are capable of going back in and making changes. Games are no longer fixed products: things can be updated and improved, omissions rectified.

Mind you, I might only be talking about changing a 3/10 game to a 5/10…

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